10 reasons why e-books are better than printed books

Posted by sofia, on January 26, 2016  

I have hundreds of printed books at home, but I hardly touch them anymore.  I’ve started reading e-books, and I can’t go back. E-books are so much better than printed books, and I’m about to tell you all about it.

When I ask people why they keep reading printed books, the most common answer I get is that they like how they smell and feel. My suggestion to them, is to have one printed book around to sniff and to fondle, and get an e-reader. Because if you love reading, and if you want to read more, e-books will make it happen. Here’s why:

  1. Instant, endless supply of books

    Before I had my Kindle, deciding which books to pack for a vacation was a real challenge. To be on the safe side, I had to take at least 3 books: one to read, an extra one in case I didn’t like the one I chose, and another, in case I liked it too much, and finished it too quickly. With e-books, that problem is non-existent. I currently have hundreds of books on my Kindle, and if there’s another one I want, I can download it in an instant.

  2. Read all the time, even in the shower!

    If you’re a real book addict, when you find the perfect book, you can’t put it down. With e-books, only one hand is needed to hold the reader and to flip the pages. If you can multitask, you can read all the time. I personally read while cooking, while walking on my treadmill, and even while taking a shower! Thanks to the built-in lighting, I can also read in bed, while my husband is snoring peacefully next to me.

  3. Read embarrassing books in public

    No need to hide an embarrassing book, or an indecent book cover. You can even password protect your e-reader to make sure no one’s snooping while you’re away. To be on the safe side, I also reduce the font size when I’m around people. They’ll need to have super vision to see what I’m actually reading…

  4. Read and grow rich

    An e-book is always cheaper than a printed book, and there are many free e-books too. Sign up to BookBub or a similar service, and stay up to date with the latest e-book bargains for your favorite book genres.

  5. More time to read

    Switching to e-books provides you with more time to read. No more book dusting duties. No more time wasted searching for a misplaced book. No need to get off of the couch to buy a book. Just read.

  6. Never worry about lending a book, and not getting it back

    Sorry, I can’t lend you my e-reader. It’s personal and I use it all the time. You wouldn’t ask to borrow my cellphone, right?

  7. Read without glasses

    Even if your sight isn’t what it used to be, you don’t need your glasses to read. Increase the font size on your reader, and you’re all set.

  8. Support a great cause

    Reading e-books is your small contribution to the world – more trees, less pollution.

  9. Join the 21st century, by using advanced features on your e-reader

    Never worry about losing a bookmark, your e-reader opens the book exactly where you last left it. You can have as many bookmarks as you want, highlight and share quotes from the book, and use the built-in dictionary to look up unfamiliar words.

  10. Promise you’ll only be reading for one more hour, and mean it!

    One of my favorite Kindle features, is that it calculates how long I have until I finish reading the book. I love it, because it helps me have some control over my reading addiction. If  someone’s nagging me to stop reading, I can tell them exactly how long I have until I finish the book.

    (Note: Sometimes it’s best to stick to the vague answers, if you want to keep on reading…)



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  1. Shellis said on March 4, 2016 Reply
    Great article. Extremely helpful! I am heartened by the fact that with an e-reader, I don't have to worry about lending my books and never getting them back.
    1. Sofia said on March 5, 2016 Reply
  2. Anonymous said on March 4, 2016 Reply
    Very interesting and extremely helpful! The fact that I don't have to worry about my books not being returned particularly appeals to me. Over the years, I have been a victim of numerous "book borrowers" who never return my books.
    1. Sofia said on March 5, 2016 Reply
      Me too...
  3. Author Helen Downing said on March 1, 2016 Reply
    As an author I can tell you that I sell e-books over paperbacks 5-1. So I of course love e-books!
    1. Sofia said on March 2, 2016 Reply
      That's great to hear!

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