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Posted by sofia, on May 10, 2016  

I admit, until recently, I didn’t write book reviews.

I used to count on other readers to review my favorite books.

Why? Because I’m a reader, not a writer.

But then I realized it’s the best way to support great books, and the best way to thank authors.

So I looked for a way to simplify the review process, and that’s how SofaGirls got started.

Read this interview with SofaGirls creator, to find out more…

Today’s interview is with Sofia Talley, the creator of SofaGirls.com, a platform for reviewing romantic books. 

Hello Sofia! Do we really need another website for book reviews?

Yes, because book reviews on SofaGirls are unlike the reviews you’re used to. To review a book on SofaGirls, is to select (checkmark) the qualities that describe the book, the story line and the characters. This makes our book reviews short, structured, simple to write and easy to search.

I often hear readers looking for books with specific qualities, like a book with a hot hockey player, or a book with an unexpected pregnancy, and with this platform, it’s simple to find them. The search includes Amazon rating information too, so with SofaGirls, for example, you can search for a funny, standalone, rock star romance, featuring an unexpected pregnancy, told from the man’s point of view, rated 4 stars and up on Amazon, by more than 100 reviewers.

Why not find books on Amazon or similar websites?

I love Amazon, and I buy most of my books there. It’s amazing that authors can publish their books without going through mediators who decide what readers like, or don’t like to read. The only “problem” is that now there are hundreds of thousands of books to choose from, and we need better ways to find the ones we love. Book ratings aren’t enough, because different readers have different tastes. Book reviews are very informative, but it takes a long time to go through them, and they are impossible to search. If we want to be able to find exactly the books we love, we need to be able to search based on more characteristics than book ratings. 

Let’s roll back a little bit. What made you create SofaGirls?

I always loved reading, but I never had enough time. Things changed when I had to go through a medical procedure in my eyes. For a few months I couldn’t work, read, watch TV, or leave my home. I was bored, feeling down, and I needed a distraction. I didn’t have a lot of options, so I started listening to audiobooks. When I was feeling better again, I started making time for reading, because I felt it had a good impact on my life. I read mostly romantic books, and I created SofaGirls so that more women enjoy the benefits of romance novels.

You say reading had a good impact on your life, how?

There’s something magical about reading all the time. It’s like constantly living in a fantasy world. My imagination was working over time, and I started having new dreams, bigger dreams. I used to be very logical, and reading romance novels has helped me get in touch with my intuition, and with my emotions. I started enjoying the steamy sex scenes too, and it has improved my sex life. I realize now that steamy romances are an effective, natural aphrodisiac, and I recommend it to anyone who could use an improvement in that area.

Your website is focusing on romantic books, why is that?

I read a variety of genres, and for me the romantic genre is the most empowering one. Romantic books feature bigger than life love stories, they make you laugh and cry, and they always have happy endings. It’s the best escapism. I think most women enjoy romantic stories (everyone loved “Pretty Woman”, right?), we just don’t always allow ourselves to do so. I wanted my website to encourage women to feel good about reading romantic books.

What’s your biggest challenge now?

My current goal is to grow the number of book reviews on SofaGirls, so readers can find exactly what they want to read. This is challenging, because most readers don’t like to write reviews. SofaGirls is designed to make that easy, so I hope it’ll change.

Is there anything you want to ask our readers?

Yes. I would love it if you tagged one of your favorite romantic books on SofaGirls. The review process is simple, all you have to do is checkmark the relevant book qualities. Authors are welcome to enter their books too, and give readers more ways to find them. 

I’m constantly running unique promotions on SofaGirls, that encourage readers to share their favorite books, and find great reads. You’re welcome to stay tuned by subscribing to our mailing list, and by liking our Facebook page.

Got a minute? Tag a favorite book now.



  1. J. Main said on August 24, 2016 Reply
    Really great post. As an author and a reader, I love this idea.
    1. Sofia said on August 24, 2016 Reply
      Thank you!

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