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SofaGirls is a free, anonymous community, for romance books lovers.
You’re welcome to tag your favorite books, and use our search tool to find great reads.

Authors, tag your books too, we need more ways to find them!


Here’s what you can do on this website:

  1. Find A Book
    Find your next perfect read by selecting your favorite book tags (there are more than 200 tags available!). Include in your search the Amazon rating information, the minimum number of pages, and the book’s heat level too.
    Here’s an example: You can search for a funny, standalone, rock star romance, told from the man’s point of view, rated 4 stars and up on Amazon, by more than 100 reviewers.
    Would that be helpful the next time you’re looking for the perfect book?

    Find A Book


  2. Tag a book
    Entering a book is fast and easy. 90% of the work is to select the relevant book tags.
    Authors – Tag your books too, you know them best and we want to find them.



  3. Manage your account
    Update your profile picture, change your password and more.
    You can also access all your book entries, including entries you haven’t published yet.

  4. Mark your favorite books 
    It’s the best way for other members to see if they like the same books as you, and to follow your book trail.

  5. Mark the books you’ve read 
    Improve the search process by excluding books you’ve already read.



Anonymity and Privacy

When you join the community, you choose a SofaGirl name. This is the name displayed on comments, posts and book entries. Your username is also public, and is used to interact with other community members. This community is like a private Facebook group, except you don’t have to be concerned about group members you know, or worry about Facebook privacy settings (Yes, I’m talking from past experience…)

Your email address is not exposed. It will never be shared with a third party company, and it will never be used to send spam messages.

All details are protected through the use of secure web hosting services and secure databases.


  1. addictedtobooks said on August 12, 2017 Reply
    I don' know how to exclude a book in my search. I think I tag it, but the process is not clear for me. Also, I would like to exclude a book from a search b/c description is no appealing. Is that possible?
    1. Sofia said on August 19, 2017 Reply
      Hi, To exclude a book from a search, go to the book page, and click on "Add to Excluded Books". Then when searching for books, under "Excluded Books", select "My Books and My Excluded Books".
  2. IzzyKPeterson said on June 10, 2016 Reply
    Awesome idea! Love this!!! W2G!
    1. Sofia said on June 11, 2016 Reply
      Thank you!
  3. Linda Bloodworth said on May 22, 2016 Reply
    This is a great idea! I'd love to see this expand to YA/paranormal/fantasy because that's what I write. ;)
    1. Sofia said on May 22, 2016 Reply
      Hi, We actually have all these categories supported, check them out, and tell me if something's missing : http://www.sofagirls.com/book-categories/
  4. Shalini Boland said on May 13, 2016 Reply
    Lovely site - really easy to use. Thanks!
    1. Sofia said on May 13, 2016 Reply
      You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)
  5. Lorraine Nelson said on May 9, 2016 Reply
    Hi! I love the idea of what you've started here. Started uploading my books...a time-consuming process as I have 32 titles available. :)
    1. Sofia said on May 9, 2016 Reply
      Hi there! I'm glad you like it! Welcome aboard :)
  6. Stephanie said on May 7, 2016 Reply
    Looking forward to getting it out there and enjoying a good read.
    1. Sofia said on May 7, 2016 Reply
      Go for it :)

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